We are not a large corporation that is constantly being restructured where human beings are often only "human resources". Instead, should you come and work for us, you would work in a healthy, owner-managed company that has been developing steadily for over 70 years.


At Schulte & Schmidt, many benefits go without saying for our employees: for example, a good education, a wide range of further education and career opportunities, as well as a long-term strategic orientation combined with modern management methods. These values have a future even in times of globalisation and are not just buzzwords.

Here are some examples of the benefits our employees enjoy:

  • Part-time and partial retirement
  • Shift models
  • Flexible working hours
  • Time Accounts

• Occupational pensions in the form of direct insurance
• The claim to AVWL can also be used for this
• Each contract is subsidised by 15% 
• We organise  consultation appointments directly in the company at your request

  • We provide assistance with care
  • We support you in your search for a flat or during your move
  • We help you and others. when dealing with authorities or rescheduling
  • We arrange various employee benefits